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Sustainability is at the core of all that we do.

Because revolutionary innovation is nothing without a world to exist in, we are focused on protecting our planet for future generations.

We can’t do it alone, but we can commit to striving to make a positive impact, making conscious choices and helping you do the same.

Our Commitments

Recycling Programme

We refurbish or dispose of end of life SUPERNOVAPROs responsibly, ensuring less plastic reaches landfill.

You can recycle your SUPERNOVAPRO directly with us. When your SUPERNOVAPRO needs to be replaced, we will recycle your old tool for free (not including postage costs).  Simply send an email to with the subject ‘Supernova Recycling’ and we will send you details as to how to return your unit.

We will ensure that your old product is reused or recycled in a safe environmentally friendly manner avoiding landfill and the impact on the environment and health to humans and wildlife.

Offsetting Carbon Footprint

We understand the importance of reducing carbon emissions, which is why we offer low carbon delivery and give you the opportunity to offset any emissions when you purchase our SUPERNOVAPRO.

No Single Use Plastic

No single use plastic is ok.

We understand the importance of reducing plastic waste. That’s why our packaging is completely plastic-free and 100% recyclable. In line with our dedication to reducing plastic waste, our packaging is designed to be both environmentally friendly and easy to recycle.

Beach Cleanup Initiative

When it comes to sustainability, we walk the talk. Our whole team is dedicated to our mission and you'll often find us on regular beach cleanups.

Join us in our mission to combat plastic waste and protect the environment. Together, we can make a positive impact on our planet and create a cleaner, healthier world for future generations.

Plastic Free Beauty Day

Our brand founder Yolanda Cooper launched Plastic Free Beauty Day in 2019 - an annual awareness day on June 17th to educate the beauty industry that our dependence on plastic is not sustainable.

You’ll see us supporting environmental charities, driving awareness and encouraging genuine change within the beauty industry every year.
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